Wings As Eagles: What Colorado Springs has that Dodge City doesn't!

Monday, December 20, 2010

What Colorado Springs has that Dodge City doesn't!

Right after Thanksgiving I spent five days in Colorado Springs. Why? Well, there's just quite a few things that that massive city contains that Dodge City just doesn't have!

Cold, freezing air - The first thing you notice about Colorado Springs is the air. It's colder. Much colder. It's really hard to document this in a photograph, so just picture freezing and shivering. THAT'S what it looks like!

Mountains - Yes, those rather large hills are called mountains and I have to admit that seeing this sight while driving around takes a little bit of getting used to. The good thing?! Those mountains always tell me that that direction is west--it helps to keep my sense of direction!

Current Factory Outlet - In my searching of shops for invitations, I found this store! Ohhhhhhh---I love that place already! I knew I'd love that place once I walked in the door and saw a spinning rack of stickers.

My intent was to look for invites there, which I did do. But I also had to wander up and down each aisle to look at everything else as well. Paper, stickers, cardstock, notecards--all that fun stuff!

Shopping, shopping and more shopping - I came to CO Springs with a list. A rather long, organized, detailed shopping list. And this city contains many more shopping opportunities than DC! And Luke and I spent a great deal of time shopping, looking and registry shopping!

See this cute little, itty, bitty casserole dish?! Isn't is sooooo cute?! I love it! It's the littliest thing, but it's so adorable. Granted, it was at JCPenny's which we do have here, but believe me--they don't have that.

Kohls - This store is neat! Especially their kitchen dept. It's filled with fun stuff. Like these cute snowman dishes. Aren't they fun?!?! Yes, you only use them once a year, but still.....I love them!

Parking meters - Oh yes! And then this---the parking meter! One of the places where I was looking at invitations was downtown and you had to pay for parking. And believe it or not, I have never paid for parking in my entire life. Another thing Colorado Springs has that Dodge City doesn't.
Luke - Perhaps the most important thing, or rather person that DC doesn't contain?! Yep, that would be him!

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