Wings As Eagles: Stuck in the Ditch!

Monday, April 23, 2007

Stuck in the Ditch!

Jena went to Wichita with a friend from work on Friday and Saturday. They shopped and shopped for two days, but they had a fun time together!

Dad talked to Jena at 9:30 Saturday night and she said they were at Pratt, on their way home. That meant that she only had another hour and a half to get to her friend's house in Plains and then another hour to get home. She said she would call my cell phone when she started home, so she wouldn't wake up Dad.

I went to bed about 11:00, expecting her to call anytime or within the next 30 minutes. I never did really sleep, but just dozed off and on, waiting for my phone to ring. About 12:30 the phone rang. I answered mine, but realized it wasn't my cell phone, but our home phone. When the phone rings at 12:30 in the morning and Jena is not home yet, that is not a good sign! Especially when it had been raining off and on for several hours.

I heard Dad answer the phone and get up. I went upstairs thinking that maybe she just called to say she was spending the night in Plains. Nope, Dad said she was only 3 miles from home, stuck in the ditch. The dirt road was now a mud puddle and she landed in the ditch!

Dad had to go out in the pick-up and crawl around in the mud to get a chain hooked to her car and pull her out. By the time they got home, it was 2:00 am and Dad was covered in mud, along with Jena's car.

Yesterday, Jena said that she hated to call Dad, wake him up and have him come get her, but she knew there was no way that she could have managed to get her car out of the ditch. I told her that I could have come and picked her up and then Dad could pull out her car in the morning. But then if I would have gotten stuck, wouldn't Dad be thrilled to get up and pull BOTH of us out of the ditch?! :)

Too bad we don't have pictures of her car in the ditch - that would have been a sight to see!


  1. Hey, it wasn't really THAT funny...!! And tis better to be rescued from a ditch that having to call and be bailed out of jail!

  2. It was funny, but you are right, better than jail, I guess! :)


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