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Monday, May 21, 2007

Afternoon Adventure

I know this is another post about my kitten, Skittles, but I have to share what happened this afternoon.

I had to take Skittles into the vet this afternoon to get her shots. I hopped in the car, thinking I could take care of it by myself, just by holding her on my lap with one hand, leaving the other hand for driving. Afterall, she is just a little kitten, not that hard to control! Before I had gone two miles, she was out of my lap, crawling all over me and I began to regret not taking Jena with me. Not only was she crawling up my shirt onto my shoulder, she was meowing the whole time!

I kept pulling her down from my shoulder, while trying to drive, but she would just crawl right back up. So there she sat on my shoulder, screaming the whole time in my ear. And this was not a soft, happy meow; it was a loud, high pitched whine! I dreaded what she would be like once we got to the vet, but I had nothing to fear. From the moment I took her out of the car to the time I got back in the car, even through her shots and medication, she didn't make a sound. I could hardly believe it!

But once I sat back in the car with Skittles on my lap, she immediately started howling and crawled up onto my shoulder. She moved back and forth from shoulder to shoulder as I drove. When I was almost home, she had found a place to sleep on my shoulder and stopped screaming. She settled down and was content for the last two miles of our journey. She looked rather cute from where I could see her perched on my shoulder. But I was so glad to get home. And just 6 weeks, I get to do it again for her second round of shots. Maybe I should do a Google search for kitten seat belts??

finally, not screaming

just adorable!

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  1. You both look adorable, but how did you get a picture of this?

    I know how cats are usually. That's why I have a pet carrier. I don't think I could handle a cat crawling all over me anymore while I'm driving. I used to, though.


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