Wings As Eagles: Miss Kitty Costume

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Miss Kitty Costume

Here is the Miss Kitty costume I finished a couple weeks ago. I have another one to make for the same person in June. It will be in different colors with a complete different style. I haven't figured out all the details for it yet.


  1. So the "Miss Kitty" costume is like "Miss Kitty" on Gunsmoke! When you mentioned Miss Kitty before, I thought of a cat costume!

    I wish I could have seen that costume in real life!

  2. Regarding "Miss Kitty":

    You might enjoy viewing a new Memorial Portrait of Amanda Blake in her long-running role as "Miss Kitty Russell" of T.V.'s GUNSMOKE in Art Gallery 9.

    I do not have time for a Blog or My Space platform - but - will try to answer any fans of Amanda Blake who contact me via the CONTACT THE ARTIST Form provided in the last art gallery.

    Best regards,

    William Rush, Artist


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