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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Camp Memory Quilt

I know this is a quilt related post, but I thought some of you might be interested in the camp memory quilt I made in 2005. Jena, Krissa and I have gone to CEF (Child Evangelism Fellowship) camp for over 10 years and I made a quilt with machine embroidery and printed photos. I've used the quilt several times for several quilting and embroidery classes I taught. I also was very surprised when it won Grand Prize at the Kansas State Fair!

I actually made three quilts (all the same with minor differences) in a little over a month. I plan never to do that again! I enjoyed sketching the blocks, planning the photos and stitching the designs, but running my machine constantly for over 18 hours a day is not something I want to do every month! I would be stitching by 6:00 in the morning before going to work in Dodge, then coming home at 7:30 that evening and stitching until 12:00 or 1:00. Way too many hours spent in my sewing room, but I was determined to get it done! :)

I've been trying off and on over the last several months to get the images posted the way I wanted it. I took photos months ago, but when I went to edit them in Fireworks and add hotspots so I could insert an url web address, it wouldn't upload correctly to the Internet. Just for your info - creating hotspots on the quilt image allows parts of the quilt to be click-able and open to another image!

I tackled it again today and figured out that I was exporting the image incorrectly before uploading. So I was able to get all the images and details online! One more thing I can cross off my website to do list!

You can see the full quilt and each block by clicking here...

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