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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Traveling sisters...

Dad and I will be home by ourselves for the next week. Both my sisters are out of the house in different places.

Jena left yesterday morning with Katrina (a friend from Topeka) for Estes Park, CO for the Authentic Girl Conference. After 8 1/2 hours of driving without getting lost, they made it to where they needed to be. The location up in the mountains should be beautiful! Both Jena and Katrina were excited for the week of Bible conferences to begin. They won't be home until next Friday.

Krissa left this morning for Salina. She is planning to visit a friend and stay the night there and then travel to Newton on Sunday for 2 weeks of CYIA (Christian Youth in Action). I think she called Dad three different times to make sure she was on the right road. She hasn't been to Salina before and she has been known to be driving along and end up in another location because she took the wrong turn! :) And she's planning to drive back to BJU in South Carolina next year???!!!

Me??? I'm planning to be home for the Memorial Day holiday, keeping Dad company and taking care of this little furball (Skittles) sleeping in my lap. She seems to know when it's computer time and my lap is empty!

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