Wings As Eagles: Flowers & Gravestones

Monday, May 28, 2007

Flowers & Gravestones

Last Thursday Jena took the wreath she made for Memorial Day for Mom's gravestone out to the cemetery. Jena did a wonderful job!! She used Mom and Dad's wedding colors, pink and blue, for the flowers and ribbon to decorate the heart-shaped wreath. Their wedding picture is in the center with ribbons that I embroidered in silver thread, "Together As One Flesh" and "May 29, 1982". Mom and Dad would have been married 25 years tomorrow, May 29th.

Yesterday, Grandma and I took flowers out the cemetery here where Mom is buried and then went to the Montezuma cemetery where Grandpa and others in his family are buried.

Jena made an arrangement for Grandpa's grave also. She decorated it with some kind of plant stems (I have no idea what they are), huge sunflowers and wheat stalks. Grandpa farmed for years and it fits him perfectly. It is really, I mean really tall, so we had to dig quite a ways into the ground to plant it in the dirt so the wind wouldn't blow it away.

I spent a couple hours with Grandma after we returned from the cemetery. Grandma always loves to have us visit and stay with her!

Mom's grave

wedding wreath

Grandpa's grave

arrangement for Grandpa

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