Wings As Eagles: Just a few notes

Sunday, June 3, 2007

Just a few notes

Jena and Katrina started for home from Colorado late Friday morning and arrived home about 9:00 in the evening. They were both exhausted from the exciting week, but sooo glad they were able to attend. They had lots of stories to share with plenty of pictures of their new friends, the conferences and beautiful Colorado mountain scenery. I'm sure she will ahve full details and photos posted on her blog in the days to come!

Jena talked to Krissa at CYIA in Newton yesterday afternoon. She was keeping plenty busy with her teaching and devotional duties, but enjoying the week so far. She has only one more week to go before she comes home on Saturday.

Lady is getting tired of being cooped up on the porch day and night. Dad has been tying her up outside several times during the day, which she seems to enjoy, but she is always ready to get back on the porch after a few hours. Her leg seems to be healing well and she is starting to walk on it more and more. Just another 3 weeks to go...

Dad had planned on planting milo last week, but it rained several times last week so it has been to wet. Even today we got a little shower this afternoon. Hopefully the fields will dry out over the next few days, so he can get it planted.

I've spent the last couple of days on the computer surfing the net for fabrics for another embroidered quilt and fine tuning some details on several patterns I've designed that I am trying to publish. There is so much info online that it takes a while to sort through it to find exactly what I want.

When I am searching online, my eye drifts to other search topics, so I have to keep pulling myself back to my original search project. A couple hour search usually turns out to be all day, which is not always what I need to be doing, but I usually find lots of info and ideas by the end of the day. I am constantly on the lookout for web design helps and ideas and trust me, there is so much info regarding web hosting, design and ecommerce that I could read for days and learn so much!!

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  1. So happy Lady's restrictions will soon be over as I know all of you will be as well as Lady. I'm glad the leg is healing well.

    Rose Conner, a friend of mine who is in her 80's says she will be going to Kansas this fall to quilt shops. Do you know anything about that?

    I would love to show her your quilt, but I don't have any way to print it off.

    Tell Krissa "hi" for me. The only email address I have for her is at school. I keep looking at her blog, but she hasn't updated it in a long time.


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