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Thursday, June 14, 2007

What's been going on here...

Let's see...what's been happening the last couple of days??? Krissa returned home from Newton on Saturday late in the evening. She went to bed, exhausted and slept for about 15 hours. She was completely worn out from the last two weeks at CYIA. But she enjoyed the time reunited with friends she only sees once a year. And she is thankful for the opportunity she could spend teaching younger people how to share the Gospel with others and being a godly example to the girls that were there.

She has been back to work this week at the day care in Dodge. She is also looking for a second job to make a little more money to pay her school bill. Dad and Kris have started looking for a car that she would be able to take back with her to school when she returns in the fall.

Jena has been off work the past couple of days. She is working today and tomorrow, then has the weekend off. It hasn't been too busy at the hospital for the last couple of weeks.

We have had rain about every other day, keeping the grass green and trees, flowers and garden watered. There has been plenty of pasture grass for the cattle which has made Dad very glad! And Dad and Jena have not had to do much watering in the yard or garden.

Today is week 5 since Lady's surgery on her leg. We only need to keep her locked up on the porch for one more week! Dad has been taking her with him in the morning to check cattle, which she seems to like. But she will be so glad to be out and running free next week. Hopefully she won't get too carried away with chasing rabbits again!

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