Wings As Eagles: Krissa is on her way to SC

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Krissa is on her way to SC

Krissa has been packing and getting everything ready to leave to go back to school the last few days. Yesterday she left late afternoon to go to Salina. She stayed the night with Megan and then they left early this morning for the long drive to South Carolina. They are planning to travel most of the distance today and stop at a hotel for the night. Then they plan to arrive in Greenville early afternoon on Friday.

It's a long drive, but at least she isn't driving by herself. She has someone to talk to and help keep her awake. I'm sure her car is completely full by the time Megan added her stuff to it! But at least they can take more driving than if they were flying.

It will be a little quieter around our house than it has been this summer with Krissa home. We'll miss not having her around and her phone ringing constantly!! But there are some advantages - less food to fix for meals, less laundry to do every week and I get to use her room to store my stuff! Yes, the bed is already full of things and it won't take long for me to move several boxes of inventory in there! :)

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