Wings As Eagles: Sisters Night Out!

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Sisters Night Out!

We decided we needed to do something together as sisters before Krissa went back to school since we haven't done anything together this summer except go to two weeks of camp. So we decided to go to Dodge Tuesday evening out to eat and do some shopping!

Dad teased us about fixing him a sandwich for supper and us girls going out to eat! But he did have coconut cream pie in the fridge that I just baked that morning!

Oh, but we had a fun time! We laughed and just enjoyed being together all evening! I think the waitress and the people sitting in the booth next to us thought we were a little crazy, but oh well, we still had fun laughing and giggling.

Then we rented Phantom of the Opera to bring home and watch. Needless to say it was after 1am before we went to bed.

Here are some photos and there are more fun shots in my online photo album!

We took Krissa's car

Acting silly!
Krissa & Jena

Just plain fun!
Krissa & I


Trying on hats at Stage!

Hats are just not my favorite!

Skittles watched the movie with us!

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