Wings As Eagles: Pickles at our house don't last long!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Pickles at our house don't last long!

Pickles are an absolute necessity at our house! When all three of us girls are home, we can go through a complete jar of pickles. And this jar is not a small one or just a 1 quart jar, nope, it is a jar standing over 1 foot tall containing almost 3 quarts of pickles! A couple years ago we starting buying those huge jars of Vlasic pickles.

But there is no comparison between Vlasic pickles and Grandma's pickles. They are not like the pickles Aunt Bee canned in The Pickle Story when Andy, Barney, and Opie couldn't stand eating her kerosene cucumbers. It is just the opposite - Grandma's pickles are so much better than those store-bought ones!

A couple weeks ago, we were at her house after she had canned some fresh pickles and they were delicious!! Jena went to Grandma's Saturday and helped her can 13 jars. Grandma said that would probably be all she would need to make for the year.

And we are thinking that 13 jars might last us 2 weeks, especially since they are Grandma's pickles - much better than ones from the store! Jena brought 2 large jars home with her Saturday and as of yesterday, they are all gone! Grandma said she would can some for us, but I'm not sure she realizes how many jars of pickles we eat a week! :)

Jena brought home Grandma's recipe and we are going to attempt canning some pickles. Hopefully we can get them to taste like Grandma's and not like Aunt Bee's. :)


  1. YUP...Grandma's pickles certainly don't last long!! =) Hopefully mine will turn out just as good!

  2. Mmmmm....I love pickles also. Me and my sister are so pickle crazy. lol...we want some of your grandmother's pickles! lol... We also get the huge jars and they don't last very long.


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