Wings As Eagles: Another quiet, but busy day

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Another quiet, but busy day

Today the house will be rather quiet. Jena and Krissa are both working and won't be home until this evening sometime. And Dad is outside working on something. So it is just me in the house today. Which is ok; I can gets lots of stuff done, hopefully!

I have laundry started and going upstairs. Lunch is planned and sitting out to thaw. My embroidery machine is busily stitching behind me on some quilt designs. Skittles is running back and forth playing with thread and fabric scattered on the floor. I have my orders shipped out, email answered and morning blogging finished (once I finish this post)!

Next on my to-do list is typing my embroidery newsletter for the week and cutting out several tops and pants for a customer I'm sewing for. Between keeping my machine stitching (Yes, it stitches on its own; all I have to do is change thread color and hit the start button again!) and keeping up with several loads of laundry, I hope to get patterns figured and cut out for the several tops and pants I have to have ready to fit by Thursday. That's my goal for today!

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