Wings As Eagles: They probably thought I was crazy

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

They probably thought I was crazy

Yesterday morning I had to take my car in to have a part put on. So knowing, I would have to about 1 1/2 hours, I took a few things to work on while I was waiting. The week before when I took my car in for them to work on, I had to wait 3 hours, so I was sure to take plenty, just in case!

At first I'm sitting in the waiting room area by myself. So I get out my MP3 player, plug in my earphones and find out the battery is dead. Time goes by much quicker if I'm listening to something, so what am I going to do now? Well, I have my computer with me, so I could power my MP3 player form my computer, but I don't have the cable - it's in my car which is being torn apart at the moment. Plan B - I have songs downloaded to my phone, so I plug my earphones into my phone, put my phone in my pocket and I'm all set!

Then I take out my computer and start to work on some business files. Too bad they don't have wireless Internet; it would have been nice to read and type emails. But I have paperwork, instruction sheets for my new quilt and my embroidery newsletter to type up for the week. By this point, there are a couple of others in the waiting room doing normal stuff like watching the tv or reading the newspaper. They look at me kinda strange sitting with a computer in my lap. But it shouldn't have looked so strange. Laptop computers are portable; I take mine about everywhere I go!

It's about 9:30; an hour and a half had passed since I had been there. So I put up my computer, expecting to be just about done waiting. I pulled out my shopping list and other things I needed to do while in Dodge and ran though in my mind what I needed to do.

I was still waiting so I pulled out some product flyers I brought and starting folding them. I always included advertising info in my packages I mail out, so I'm continually folding flyers. I had all 300 that I brought folded and it is then 10:30. Dad calls, so I have to pull out the earphones from my phone and talk to him for a couple minutes.

Thinking that it can't be much longer, I pull out my last project I brought with me. Scissors and cardstock paper. I printed the words to a song I want to teach in Sunday School and needed to cut out the letters so I could paste them onto a large posterboard.

Several people have come and gone out of the waiting room, but I'm still there and there is one other person who had been there since I had been working on my computer. When I pulled out my scissors and cardstock, the look on his face was just priceless - he must have thought I was crazy!! Here I am sitting, waiting for my car to be finished, working on my computer, then grocery shopping lists, then folding a mass of flyers and now cutting up paper!! And doing all of this with a cord connecting the phone in my pocket to my right ear!

Finally a little after 11:00, 3 hours later, my car was finished and I was able to pack up all my projects and return them to my car. I was thankful for the things I had brought to work on, even if I did look a little silly working there in the waiting room. I was able to get something done in that 3 hours time instead of just sitting and waiting! That was my great adventure for the day!


  1. wish I could have gotten some pictures of you sitting there...I bet it WAS quite comical! ;)

  2. LOL!! At least you got something profitable accomplished while sitting there instead of just watching TV! :) I bet it did look funny though... :D



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