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Monday, August 13, 2007

A year ago...

After church yesterday, Jena, Krissa and I were talking about things that have happened over the last few years. Jena started a memories note on facebook and that's what got the whole thing started. So we were thinking back to the crazy/funny things we did when we were younger.

But that also got us to thinking about what we were doing a year ago. At that time, August 1, 2006, Mom had been diagnosed with MS. By the 13th, she had gone through 10 days of IV medications. Although she was showing just a few symptoms of right sided weakness in her right hand, arm and leg at the first of August, it became increasingly worse as the month wore on. She tired easily and was getting to the point where it was hard for her to do the daily things around the house she did.

Our thoughts and actions were geared toward treating the MS. We were reading about it, talking to people who had it and deciding what medications would the best for treating it. At that time, we had no idea that she had a brain tumor. Little did we know that the next few months would bring brain biopsy surgery, many Drs. visits, long hospital stays, chemo and eventually her passing away in November.

I remember moving my machine and quilt upstairs to work. I had a deadline to finish a quilt by the end of August for a quilt show. But I needed to be upstairs helping Mom with things, so I just packed up and moved for a few weeks. Somehow between things happening with Mom, I was able to get my Doves of Inspiration quilt started and finished in the month of August last year. I looked back to my blog entries last August and it's true. I look back now and wonder how I was able to get that all done!

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