Wings As Eagles: Just a few cute photos...

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Just a few cute photos...

Skittles is wherever I am, no matter what I am doing. Last week when I was at my sewing machine for 16 hours a day, she was right at my feet, trying to get on my lap or walking in and around my machine.

So this week as I was at my computer most of the day, she was right here. If she wasn't right at my feet, she was sitting beside me. Talk about being loyal...that she is! :)

Right at my feet under my sewing machine!

I look down from my quilting and this is what I see...

Playing with the ceiling fan might be fun!

Playing with her tail right next to me on the couch!

Still camped out beside me...

Looks like she's watching the computer screen as I'm typing! :)


  1. How cute!! :)


  2. she is soooo adorable!! I think I picked out one precious little kitty!!


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