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Thursday, September 13, 2007

Wednesday night kid's club

On Wednesday evenings, Jena and I have started helping with Kid's Adventure Club for kids, ages 4th-8th grade. Yesterday was the first meeting for this school semester and it seemed to go really well!

The theme for this semester is Godly Character Traits, which will be a fantastic, practical topic the kids can put into practice on a daily basis. We have a teaching time, memory verse challenge and activities planned every week.

I'm in charge of memory verses, which I am enjoying and continue to look forward to. So far, I've decided to build a brick wall with character traits written on the wall. For each character trait verse the kids memorize, they will get to put up a brick. They will be divided into teams and the challenge for each team is to memorize the most verses by the end of the year!

We'll see how it far so good. Last night went better than I expected, partly because I was a little worried teaching a little older kids than I am used to. My Sunday School class I'm teaching is first, second and third grade - so there is quite a difference in ages and teaching techniques between my Sunday morning classes and Wednesday evening sessions.

But I'm looking forward to next Wednesday! Plus it is also fun that Jena and I can be involved together and bounce ideas off each other!

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  1. Oh we used to do something like that on Wednesday nights! The brick wall idea is a great one!



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