Wings As Eagles: Krissa's BJU college survival kit

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Krissa's BJU college survival kit

Krissa called Jena today just totally thrilled with the package that she received in the mail! Last week Jena did the usual grocery shopping and seemed to be gone forever!! I kept wondering what was taking her so long to get home, but it turns out that she was shopping in Wal-Mart for over 3 hours!

She had a fantastic idea! Make and send Krissa a survival kit with the theme being her senior year of college at BJU! By the time she was done, she has a huge list of items, the reason behind her choosing to include each one, all tucked nice and neat in a basket!

You can read her Survival Kit Guide on her blog here...

Krissa was so thrilled and told Jena it was just so BJU - everything just fit right in to college life, which was what Jena was trying to achieve!

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  1. Cute idea! Packages are so fun to get in the mail--especially surprise ones! :)



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