Wings As Eagles: DVD bloopers

Thursday, September 13, 2007

DVD bloopers

One reason I love dvds over videos - aside from the fact that the picture is so much clearer, it's so much easier to skip around and find certain movie spots, no rewinding necessary and of course you can play it in a computer - is for the simple fact that I love watching the deleted scenes, how the movie is produced and most importantly the movie bloopers!

This last week, I video taped my quilt introduction for my online class and retaped and retaped! Just as I thought I had the perfect set, the phone would ring, Skittles would interfere or I completely lost my train of thought for what I was saying. I'm learning it takes practice and many, many tries. At one point I finally said that was the last time I was taping a section, but little did I realize I would be taping it another 5 times before I was finally happy with the results.

Do I have some taped bloopers? Oh, yes, for sure! But I can't imagine the amount of taped blooper footage I will have by the time I have taped all 12 months worth of classes! And they're hidden deep inside my computer so only I know where they are and some certain sisters of mine can't get to them!! :)

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