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Thursday, September 13, 2007

I'm done!!!!

...and you're wondering, "You're done with what?" I realize I haven't posted much over the last couple of weeks. In fact I looked at my blog just now and couldn't believe my last entry was almost two weeks ago. So now, I have time to post all the notes rolling around in the back of my head that I haven't posted yet!

It's not been a lack of things to tell you about, actually there have been quite a few things happening around here recently, but most of my time has been consumed with getting things ready to start a new quilt class I am planning to teach both locally and online.

It seems that I have been living and breathing quilting, computer files and Internet uploads. There have been lots of details to plan and problems to solve, but I think I am finally there! And as always when I'm in the middle of accomplishing one thing, I never fail to think of something else that needs to be done as well, so I just add that to my list.

But as the date draws closer, I am getting more and more excited about starting this class! I'm anxious to see all the colors and fabric combinations everyone will decide on using!

Last week I stayed glued to my machine, getting my quilt marked and all the quilting completed. I still may add a few quilting details to it, but am really, really happy with the quilt, colors and quilting stitches! I truly enjoy quilting, even though the weight of the quilt gets rather heavy and really works my arm and shoulders, especially when I'm trying to accomplish several weeks of work into just a few days and nights! Yes, you read that correctly - days and nights!! :)

This week I have stayed glued to my computer! But I'm so excited because my quilt is finished, photographed and completely online!! Class notes, details, supply lists, kits and my taped video introduction have all been written, edited and uploaded online also. So for the moment, I can take a breather from quilt class details and get some other things done!

And I'm so glad that Jena was home today to fix lunch and supper!! Plus she finished the laundry that I started this morning and never made it back upstairs to get it completed! So thanks, Jen!! :)

Oh, btw here is my finished quilt....

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  1. Beautiful!!!! Wow!!! I love it!! It turned out great! (And I had missed your blogging. Glad you're back! :)) Obviously it took a LOT of work, but the end result is absolutely beautiful!!



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