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Friday, September 21, 2007

Let's see...

...what's been happening around here???

Our renters next door to us moved out, so Dad had been busy working over at the other house, cleaning, painting and getting things ready for new renters to move in. The house is pretty filthy and a couple rooms need painting, but Dad is hoping to get it finished this weekend. We already have renters who want to move in next week - unbelievable!

Jena had to work today and is back to work tomorrow. They were busy at the hospital today with plenty of patients and surgeries also.

Krissa called yesterday and talked for a while. Poor girl!! She is so overwhelmed with classes and responsibilities!! I think she's only surviving on a couple hours of sleep everyday, but at least the weekend is here and she can get a little bit of a break.

As editor of the college paper, she was really pleased with the results of the first issue! You can see it online here. It looks fantastic and the layout looks very professional! Great job, Kris!! :)

As for my week - it has been busy getting caught up on stuff and still working on quilt class details. Every night this week I have been up late, on my computer, getting things prepared for classes. So tonight, I thought I'd take a break from quilt details and get things caught up here! So be prepared to be overwhelmed with a series of posts....:)

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