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Sunday, September 30, 2007

The morning spent outside...

I've spent the last several weeks teaching in Sunday School on creation and Adam and Eve. I usually spend a couple weeks on a subject and review and repeat. Just because I want the kids to learn the material I'm teaching them, not to just barely know it after hearing it one Sunday. And of course the more times they hear it, the more they are likely to remember it!

So, last Sunday was my "review and quiz" for God's creation. I printed out a poster with all 7 days written on it. Then I made little foam pieces and stickers to correspond with each day. When I went to church that morning, I took a quilt and we took our lesson outside!

Why? I'm not crazy about being outside, but I knew the children in my class would love being outdoors and I wanted them to really think and look around them to see what God has created.

So we started out with the earth being covered in darkness and then God created light! So my question to them was, Are we in darkness or light now? and What did God call the dark and light?

And so we continued with each day, asking them what God created. Then we looked around outside and tried to spot different things that God created outside. This provided them with a real thing they could actually see that God created. And that's exactly what I wanted them to understand and be thankful for what He's made for us.

You know that kids can come up with the most clever of ideas and thoughts to the subject your teaching. So when we were talking about the plants God created on day 3, Adam said that we can't live without plants.

And I replied with, "That's true and why can't we live without plants?"

He replies with, "We breath what they don't breath."

In my mind I just had to laugh and think upon how true that really is! That's not quite where my line of thinking was in asking why, but that is a very accurate answer! They release oxygen which we breath in and we exhale carbon dioxide which they need to survive. So true and amazing that God created it to be that way!

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  1. :) Sounds like somebody's been listening in his Science class too! :)



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