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Saturday, October 6, 2007

This week in review...

I know Autumn officially starts in September, but to me it doesn't seem like Fall until October. And I can't believe we're already a week into October! How the days do fly by so swiftly...

This week has been extremely hectic as the last couple of weeks and I'm sure the next month ahead. I think things will slow down just a little after October is over. It seems like everything just hits all at one time!

This week I was able to get curtains finished for a customer, a wedding gown ready to fit, bridesmaids dresses ready to try on, quilt blocks finished for my quilting meeting Thursday evening......let's see, what else? As I look back at my day planner, it is full with to do notes for every little thing, but at least they are crossed off up until things to do for today and tomorrow.

This week I also started my online quilt class, so I was also busy sending details out for that and answering emails in regards to this month's lesson. I'm just so excited about teaching this online class and can hardly wait to see all the unique blocks everyone will be creating.

On Monday, I will start my local quilt class, so that will keep me busy from month to month, keeping up with both classes! But I'm so looking forward to it!! :)

In and amongst everything else this week, I was also able to get fall decorations made and put up in my Sunday School classroom. And then this morning I dropped off the curtains I stitched earlier in the week, picked up some alterations which will be due next week and drove to Jetmore for a quilt block contest I had to judge. And tonight I still have dress fittings for a wedding. And then my day will be complete, I think! :)

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