Wings As Eagles: ...and that is why I wear a watch!

Saturday, October 6, 2007

...and that is why I wear a watch!

A watch, notebook and pen...three things I can never seem to live without, even for a second! And there is a good reason, too! :)

Last week, I was so in tune with my computer and getting embroidery class files uploaded, that I didn't realize what time it was. I normally quit working downstairs around 5pm and start working on supper. As I'm fixing supper, I usually do a few other things upstairs waiting for Dad to come in and eat.

But last week, Jena came downstairs at 6pm and asked me what I had planned for supper? Six o'clock??? Correct!! I looked at my wrist and what do you know - no watch! I had taken it off earlier in the day and hadn't put it back on - mistake! In my mind it was still about 3:15, which was the last time I looked at the time on my computer.

Now, I know it's strange, but I keep better control of my time if I look at my watch versus another other time operating machine. It's always with me and I can keep track of how much time I have left to finish a task before I need to move onto the next thing.

And that day, even though I had been at my computer the entire afternoon and all I had to do was glance down in the lower right-hand corner of the screen to know the time, I completely lost track of time. My time management skills are based solely on the little time controller on my wrist.

Like I said....that is why I wear a watch! :)

And the notebook and pen....that is another whole story which I'll have to share with you another time! :)

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