Wings As Eagles: Time for a change in seasons...

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Time for a change in seasons...

This week I managed to get my Sunday School classroom fall decorations made and put up on the wall and door at church.

I made everything at home, grabbed my camera and Thursday afternoon hung up things at the church. I brought my camera for a reason - I wanted to take photos of what I had up before I put up the new stuff.

So what, did I do? Took down all my summer decor and then realized I didn't photograph it! Oh, well. I'll just describe it to you. I had large colored crayons scattered on the door with words like Bible lesson, joyous songs, Scripture memory, etc.... written on them. It looked so cute and colorful for the kids coming in each Sunday morning.

The bulletin board had Jesus Loves You written with foam letters. And then foam hearts with everyone's name on it. I love those foam shapes, letters and crafts. They are SO neat and there is everything imaginable for any season in those fun foam pieces!

I was such in a hurry to get everything up and onto my hair appointment and list of other errands that I didn't even get a picture of what I had just put up. Tomorrow, number 1 on my list as soon as I arrive is to get out my camera! Hopefully....

Getting things ready at home....
I know I spend way to much time making things,
but I have so much fun doing it!
I knew there was a reason why I always wanted
to be an elementary school teacher! :)

My ever-loyal helper and constant shadow gave up
pouncing into my pile of foam letters, scattering
them all around the room and sacked out!

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