Wings As Eagles: What a couple of months!

Sunday, October 21, 2007

What a couple of months!

September and October have been hectic months! I have had so many things going on. I just keep taking each week one day at a time, anticipating when November hits and things in my life will slow down just a little - maybe.

This month I started my new quilt class at the local library and also as an online class. So keeping up with everyone in both classes, getting fabric and supplies taken care of, writing instructions and video taping techniques has filled my days. I have spent more and more time on the computer working with computer files and communicating with class participants.

It's been busy, but I am so enjoying teaching this new class in two different ways with two different groups of people! It has been so neat to see the fabrics and color combinations everyone has come up with. I've enjoyed getting to know everyone who is involved!

Then this month I have been working on a wedding gown, four bridesmaids dresses and mother's dress for a wedding this week. It's been a while since I've designed and sewn for a wedding, so it was a treat to sew for this wedding! Most of the girls lived out of town, so it was a rush at the end for fittings and then finishing the dresses. But they are all finished and they picked them up this evening! Hooray!!

The month is coming to an end and the next two weeks will be hectic, but manageable. I have quite a bit to do before I leave for Houston, TX early Thursday morning. I will be gone Thursday through Sunday for a Business Quilt Market. It's the first one I have attended and am really excited about going. I'm traveling a friend from Dodge and that makes it even greater!

All the newest and greatest notions, fabrics and quilt tools will be available for us as business owners to see before the reach the store shelves. Plus I'm taking a couple of classes and hope to come home with all kinds of plans and ideas! Knowing me and myself, I will have so many plans and ideas that November won't turn out to be any less busy than this month! :)

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