Wings As Eagles: eBay Holiday Time

Friday, November 9, 2007

eBay Holiday Time

I am always interested in the newest and greatest things eBay is implementing on their auction site since I do quite a bit of buying and selling there. Last year they did a lot of holiday advertising to increase buying and selling online, which benefited me as well as others, I am sure.

I've been wondering what they've been planning for this Christmas season and was glad to see an eBay holiday magazine in today's mail. I flipped through the pages to the back and to my surprise was greeted with the magazine being addresses to Krissa!

I was certain my name would be on it, considering all my eBay trading. Plus Krissa has not purchased anything from eBay with her home address for the last several months. Not that it really matters who it is addressed to, but it makes me wonder about their marketing.

I wonder where they are getting names and addresses. I also wonder, since Dad, Jena and I have all made eBay purchases in the past, will we be receiving more eBay fliers in the mail or is this a random selection mailing? Just my curiosity, I guess...

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