Wings As Eagles: How many packages did you get today?

Friday, November 9, 2007

How many packages did you get today?

It's no surprise when FedEx or UPS shows up at our house. Usually the packages that are coming and going are for me. Since I have a mail order/Internet business, mailing service company trucks make our house an almost daily stop!

While I was in Houston for quilt market, I ordered some additional things that I normally wouldn't be getting. So there were a few more packages this week.

Now that I look back at this week, I think FedEx and UPS have each been here at least three days this week with deliveries. You have to know that before you understand the question Dad asked me right before lunch, which was, "So, how many packages did you get today?"

Only 2. FedEx brought a little one this morning and UPS was just here with another small box. It was a logical question considering that yesterday I was dragging a huge, long box in the front door that UPS delivered plus another package of fabric!

But when you take into account that Monday morning I just took several armloads of empty boxes and packaging to the dumpster and then today this is what my trash pile from this week looks like, I guess you would ask too how many packages were delivered today?!?!

Thank goodness the dumpster truck will be here Monday morning and empty the dumpster- then I can fill the dumpster back up with more empty boxes! :)

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  1. Wow! It'd be fun to get packages all the time! :)



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