Wings As Eagles: Jena joined the land of laptop computers!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Jena joined the land of laptop computers!

It's official.

Jena has officially joined the rank of laptop computer owner just as Krissa and I.

Jena ordered a laptop computer over the holidays since they were running such good deals and she just loves it. But, after all, who wouldn't.

She can now be the third person in the house who carries a laptop from the schoolroom, to the kitchen, to the family room, downstairs to her room at night and then back upstairs in the morning - in other words, basically all over. Isn't that a privilage?!?!

It was actually rather funny when Krissa was home over Christmas break. All three of us girls would be sitting in the family room, computers in our laps, ipod or mp3 player with earphones plugged in (I guess Krissa might break up the group since she uses her computer because she doesn't have an ipod/mp3 player) and cell phones nearby.

Laptop, ipod and cell phone - the perfect combination. Oh and you've got to remember that the laptop is connected to the Internet or that ruins the entire party!! :)

Now just to get Dad in on the group.....the cell phone and mp3 player is taken care of, but the laptop is another story......(I don't forsee that happening in the near or distant future!)

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