Wings As Eagles: My mouth is watering for pickles...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My mouth is watering for pickles...

I'm sitting here at the computer, uploading some inventory to my site and my mouth is watering for a yummy, crisp pickle!! Unfortunately Grandma had one jar of her pickles - absolutely the best pickles in the whole wide world! - which we used at Christmas time.

With none of her pickles available and since our attempt at making Grandma's pickles failed, the next best kind and closest to them is Claussen pickles. I don't buy that brand too often because they are much more expensive than others and they still don't compare to Grandma's, but they are second best.

And they'll do when a pickle craving hits at 9:00 pm at night! So I'm off to the refrigerator for a plate-full of pickles!

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  1. I like pickles, but not quite THAT much. ;) :)



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