Wings As Eagles: Did you watch the game?

Monday, February 4, 2008

Did you watch the game?

Football season is over for this year...til next fall anyway. I always enjoy watching football on Sunday afternoon, especially if the right teams are playing.

But yesterday was the Super Bowl and the end of the season. And I was hoping the Patriots would win, as they were favored and expected to win. They were my favored team to win also.

Why? Well, my reasoning is very important, so listen close: The Patriots are an AFC team and the Giants a NFC team and I like the AFC teams better than NFC teams. Why? Because NCF teams are broadcast on Fox (which is a fuzzy, blurry station in our area) and AFC games are typically shown on CBS (and that station comes in as clear as a tv screen can be).

But that's only part of the reason. The other is that the Chiefs are in the AFC and of course, they are my favorite team.

See how valid my reasoning is......:)

It was only the Giants quarterback who narrowly escaped being sacked and the receiver who just barely caught the long pass and then the touchdown that changed the game to the Giants favor. Too bad for the Patriots and their perfect record season!

It was fun to watch, although I could most certainly do without the commercials! As much as I will miss football on Sunday afternoons, it's not like I can't find something else to do. :)

And after all, it is just a game. Now to move on with more important things in life.....

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  1. I did like watching the game...but for the most part, I'm not into the football thing much! You're reasoning is as loop-holey as a spaghetti strainer!! I'd much rather talk about nursing...and I have much more valid reasoning. It saves lives! =P


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