Wings As Eagles: Well...there's good and bad news....

Friday, February 1, 2008

Well...there's good and bad news....

Regarding Jena's lost or rather deleted blog.....

The good news is that I have an old blog feed stored on my computer and she can copy and paste those posts. It looks like they date back to February 2007, so at least she can recover some of the info she posted in the last year. The only thing is that they are stored in my computer's temporary files, so she can only access them from my computer. And you know how I can hardly live without a computer....:)

The bad news is that I can't find old archives of her blog. After a few hours of digging, I did find the site I was thinking of; it's the Internet Archive Wayback Machine. But there are no past archives of her blog. And I guess I should have expected that; blog pages are stored differently than web files.

The other piece of good news is that Jena started a new blog on Wordpress. She was planning on switching from Blogger to Wordpress in the future anyway, so the move is right now instead of later!

Her new blog addy is:


  1. hey...thanks for trying to get my blog back...or at least finding some of the posts! what would I do without you!

  2. Hi Serena and Jena,

    You could also try doing a Google search for "" as well as "authenticbeautygirl". Also click on "repeat the search with omitted results included." You can visit the cached pages and copy them, but do it before they update their cache. It won't have all the pages, but you might be able to recover some more.

    Or you could also try contacting Blogger support. You could try searching Blogger Help for "deleted."

    Anyway, hi, I've been lurking on your blog for a little while since I randomly came across your post on salt removing odors, and I liked what I read.

  3. Hi dancing dragon,

    Thanks for the tips. I checked out Blogger's support several days ago and they said once a Google account has been deleted such as Jena's, everything is gone that is connected with, blogs, etc.

    I also tried the cached pages, but with no success.

    But at least I do have an old feed on my computer that she can copy and paste her posts up until February of 2007. That's a big plus!

    Glad you came out of lurking and said hi!! :)


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