Wings As Eagles: can you just delete your blog?

Thursday, January 31, 2008 can you just delete your blog?

Jena came downstairs last week and said, "I think I just deleted my blog."

My response: "I can fix a lot of computer related issues, but I can't fix that."

Meanwhile what was going through my mind: There is a clear delete button with an additional warning, "Are you certain you want to delete this blog?", after the delete button is clicked. How could she just delete her blog?

Well.....she did.

And she told me how she managed to do it. Which the how really doesn't matter. It's done and there's no changing it.

So this evening Jena gave me a job: find old archives of her blog entries so she can copy them into her new blog she's creating.

Sure, piece of cake......give me about 15 minutes and I'll have it for you!

Ummmm.....the words......almost impossible.....are running through my mind.

But actually there is logic to that and I know a way I can get back to her old blog; I just have to find the website that I visited a month or two ago. I'm subscribed to multiple Internet techie newsletters and blogs and somewhere I received word of a site where you could go back to a day in history, type in a website address and see what was on that site at that time.

I recall going there and not only checking out my own website, but also Google and Yahoo and it was interesting to see the dull, almost lifeless pages back in the 1990's! So I should be able to go back and retrieve her previous posts, but I need to find that site first. Because in reality, once you've posted something online, it will always be there, even if you've deleted it. There are old archives of Internet files that can be found years after they've been changed or deleted.

I did find a blog feed that has some of her posts listed and if I can't find that site, I may be able to recover a few recent posts.

So that explains the late hour of this post and why I really need to get off the computer and get to bed!

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  1. I was wondering what had happened to Jena's blog. But the error message was in Turkish and I couldn't figure it out. Good thing she has such a computer smart sister.


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