Wings As Eagles: Another Wednesday night gone....

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Another Wednesday night gone....

Today is Wednesday so Jena and I taught Kid's Club at church this evening. This semester the theme from now until Spring break is the Armor of God.

Jena's heading up the Scripture memory part this time since I did it last year. She had the kids lay down on the floor and draw themselves on newsprint paper. Then we hung them up on the wall. With each verse the kids memorize, they will get to put on a piece of armor on "themselves".

It's rather neat to see a line of "people" on one wall in the fellowship hall! Jena even made a sign above that says "The Army of God". Hopefully it will challenge and encourage the kids to memorize Scripture to gain more armor!

I'm doing the teaching this time, which had been challenging. I've tried to involve the kids and keep their attention as much as I possibly can. It's a good challenge to work with 5th-8th grade kids since I am much better at teaching the little ones. Trying not to talk down to them as if they were younger is something I do struggle with when teaching. But so far, it's worked out well.

I even took my camera this evening and planned on taking a few photos of "our army", but totally forgot once I got there. Oh well, maybe next time.....

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