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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Email chimes

I found it rather funny last week when Dad told me that I must get lots of email because my computer was downstairs beeping every little bit.

My Inbox is set to chime everytime new email arrives and most of the time, I have Outlook closed, but apparently I had left it open to go upstairs. And earlier that morning I had the volume turned way up since I was in the other room working and trying to listen to some songs on iTunes. Yeah, I know, it would have been extremely loud if you were in my sewing room, but I was the only one home at the time......:)

Anyway, so when Dad was in his office, right next door to my sewing room, he heard chime after chime after chime. I'm sure that was rather unusual since his email account upstairs (basically now his computer since Jena has her own) on the desktop does the same thing,' the numerous emails I get every day.

And when he wonders why I'm staring into my computer screen for a couple hours every day, I'll just remind him of the chimes - that could possibly be the reason.

But who can resist receiving loads of email every day from people every where?!?! Email is wonderful; I'm just glad there is not a postage charge for each one, aren't you? :)

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