Wings As Eagles: It was going oh-so-well until I discovered...

Friday, January 25, 2008

It was going oh-so-well until I discovered...

...that I was video taping upside down.

Yes, I've spent the day video taping techniques for my online quilt class...upside down. Let me tell just doesn't work very well unless you want to stand on your head to see the lessons and read the notes on your computer screen.

I know what you are thinking...I should have rewound the footage and made sure the camera direction was correct. Well.....I did.....but you have to understand that with a video camera suspended from the ceiling that my LCD is upside down. I turn the screen around so I can see what I'm taping.

And I always do a test run to be sure, fabric, etc looks ok through the camera lens. Which I did do.....except when I viewed the test footage, I was looking at the screen upside down, but it auto-corrects itself, so I was really looking at it correctly.....or so I thought.

Clear as mud, right?! Yeah, that's why I thought it was right when it really wasn't.

It was only after I had taped almost the entire lesson and moved my camera to a different location, that I noticed what I had done. I looked at the screen, thinking, "no that can't be right...I'm sure I didn't do that...I'll take the tape out and back in and it will be correct...maybe once it's in the computer, I can correct it."

Ummmm....let's just say I spent well into the evening and night retaping. Because no matter how many times you take the tape in and out, the picture remains the same. And there is no way to flip the image once it's been downloaded to the computer.

Jena walked through my sewing room just after I discovered what I had done and her response was, "That's pretty funny."

Funny.....maybe so, but frustrating......most definitely!

Lesson learned: Tape a test segment. Take the camera down, look at the footage and MAKE SURE everything is correct. Then continue taping.

Sounds like a good plan to me.


  1. Too bad you can't rotate the picture on your computer. How do you suspend the camera from the ceiling?

  2. That's kind of like typing a whole document and thinking you are doing a great job, then you discover later you somehow didn't save it and must type the whole thing over! I know just how you feel.

  3. For my video camera up on the ceiling.....I put it on a tripod and then through several ribbon ties and ceiling hooks (my ceiling is made of those tiles with metal rods-technical words, but you know what I'm talking about....), I have it pointed down on a table where I'm working.

    That way I can tape my online quilt lessons. It looks rather funny when you come into my sewing room, but it works!!! :)


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