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Sunday, March 9, 2008

Can you fix this?

It never seems to fail. When I need something fixed, usually Dad can do it! Like today.

Last night for some reason I had trouble sleeping (I'm not quite sure why, since I usually am so tired, I don't struggle with lying awake at night). But anyway last night, between waking up what seemed like every 30 minutes, I heard a chewing noise. Yep, a chewing noise.

Before I go any further you have to know a few things:

--Skittles sleeps on my bed every night.

--She is not a kitten anymore, but still behaves like one.

--My computer sits at the end of my bed every night, plugged into the outlet next to my bed.

Are you starting to get the picture?

I sat up in bed, saw her at the end of the bed where my computer was and knew that my electrical cord was being torn apart. I reached down, unplugged the end from and my computer and felt sharp wires with empty rubber tubing. Not a good sign!

This morning the first thing I did was give Dad the cord and ask, "Can you fix this?"

And his response, "Was that the same one I fixed before?"

You see, not only has he fixed this cord once:

But twice:

And now the third time:

Hopefully this will be the last time Dad will be fixing this cord. There's only bits and pieces of the cord that is not covered in tape. I'm just glad Dad can fix it or I'd be without a laptop computer for a while.

From now on either Skittles or my computer has to go at night. Hmmm....hard choice, but I think it has to be my computer....:)

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