Wings As Eagles: Internet Explorer or Firefox - Which one is best?

Friday, March 14, 2008

Internet Explorer or Firefox - Which one is best?

I have used Internet Explorer as my Internet browser for years, but this week I have just been a little frustrated with it. I know Firefox is a better browser, but I like some things in IE and am used to using it, so I haven't made the switch.

But this week I did. I was so aggravated with IE. I had several windows open (yes, they also had several tabs open) and all of a sudden, without any warning or reason (I'm sure there is a deep down, hidden reason which is totally beyond my understanding, but in my opinion, no reason) it just closes.

Yes, I'm serious, just closes. I'm typing away and suddenly am seeing my desktop. What happened, I had no clue. And it was no fun getting my windows back on my screen for what I was working on.

I have everything back up, get started typing again and in another few minutes, it happens again. I'm sitting at my computer, typing away and looking at my desktop.

Ok, I decided to quit for a while, do something else, non-computer related and come back to it later. Good plan. Except when I come back later and am very careful to only open one IE window with only a couple of tabs with different sites open, it still happens.

At this point, I am really, I mean really frustrated and I decide I'm moving my browsing to FF. I'm able to get all my windows open with multiple tabs and able to get my task accomplished in actually less time than it would have taken me in IE.

I've been using FF this week for blogging and it is so much easier to load photos and edit posts in Blogger than doing it in IE. There are other websites I would rather use IE for, so I guess I'm split between the two.

I still like IE for some things, but FF is much easier for blogging, so do I stick with IE and just deal with the hassles or do I start using FF and get more familiar with it. One of my drawbacks, I know with FF is that it will take me a little while to get my toolbars and such set up so my sites are easy to get to. But I can do that.

One thing I did like about FF was this little message:

The electricity flickered, which shut off my computer right in the middle of what I was doing and when I restarted FF, this is the question I was asked, "Would you like to restore the tabs and windows from your previous session?" WOW!!! I clicked the Restore Session button and what do you know - my windows and tabs that I had open appeared! I like that!!! :)

I think I will start using FF more and more and see how things go. I know it's the better browser, so I really will probably save myself some time and energy just switching over.

My question for you: What browser to you use and do you like using it?


  1. I use firefox. I've been using it for years, since before IE had tabs. The tabs were the first thing that grabbed me. We have don't have windows computers at school, so I have to use it there anyway. I love the restore tabs feature. I've only had it crash on me a couple of times, but I was able to restore tabs so it wasn't so bad. It takes a little getting used to at the start, but I think FF is just better than IE for most things.

  2. I use FF too. I love it. My dad says it is a little more secure than IE, I don't get that deep into the tech stuff. I like the tabs (like Jennan I started using it before IE had tabs). I love the restore thing too. :-D


  3. I use firefox as well. I've never had problems with it and I love the "restore session" option. EI now has taps, but FF was the first, so I like it for that reason to. What will they think of next?


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