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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My typical IE window...

It just drives me nuts to only have one IE window open when I'm working on the computer. Most of the time I have at least one or two IE windows open and they have multiple tabs open!

I was thrilled when IE 7 came out with tabbed browsing. Finally I could have multiple windows open in only one window - so much easier to manage and taking less of my computer memory! Firefox had tabbed browsing before IE ever did and I really should switch over to Firefox, but I just can't make myself yet....

Let's see what I have open:

  • iTunes - always open when I'm at the computer!
  • IE with 9 tabs open:

I just keep switching forth between tabs until I get everything accomplished. I have to do that when I'm uploading videos because it takes a while (they're actually still uploading as I'm typing this post!).

Maybe, just perhaps, could it be taking longer because I'm doing multiple things at once on the net and using up bandwidth all at the same time? Probably true, but that's what my typical computer screen looks like!

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