Wings As Eagles: A busy weekend with Grandma

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

A busy weekend with Grandma

We had a busy and event-filled weekend! Saturday evening around 8:00 Uncle Ron called and said that Grandma had been in a car accident. He had just received a call from the ER nurse at the Dodge City hospital that Grandma was there, but in stable condition.

Uncle Ron and Aunt Cherie headed to the hospital where they would spend the next 6 hours waiting in the ER until Grandma was moved to a room. It turns out that thankfully all Grandma had was a broken nose and bruises on her face and knee.

She was sitting in the middle seat in the back and when the car hit, her head and upper body hit the front seat (no shoulder strap to prevent her body from going forward) ...hard! So hard that one eye was swollen shut for a while and her face and eyes are so swollen and black and blue. But thankfully other than a little tenderness, bumps and bruises and a broken nose, no other injuries.

There were four other ladies in the same car plus one in another car, all over the age of 80 and no one was extremely, seriously hurt. They all were taken to the ER and some were treated for broken bones, two flown to Wichita, but it could have been so much worse. We can be very thankful!

I spent Sunday afternoon in the hospital with Grandma. They kept her through Monday morning just to be sure everything was ok. She looked quite a site, but was doing very well and went home Monday morning. It will just take time for the bruises to disappear and her nose to heal...a long time!

Jena is taking some chili I made Monday and a salad she made today tomorrow to Grandma since she lives by herself and doesn't want to get out too much with her face the way it is. I wouldn't either; I'd hibernate in the house for a few weeks! And I plan to go over later in the week to check on her and bring some more goodies.

But that gave us quite a scare! But at least she seems to be doing very well.

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