Wings As Eagles: The Cross Upon the Hill

Saturday, March 22, 2008

The Cross Upon the Hill

Last night as I knelt down at my bed to pray
I was overwhelmed with all God had given me that day.
I began to look back at the yesterdays I'd been given
And I had to marvel at why I had been forgiven.

I have done so many things, too shameful to recall
And yet Jesus died to make atonement for them all!
I know I'm so unworthy, so much I've left undone
But to think I've been forgiven by God's only begotten Son!

When I look into the mirror it takes away my breath
Because I am a sinner and responsible for His death,
For wasn't it my sins too that nailed Him to the cross?
So why did Jesus die for me knowing I am nothing but a loss?
How could He love this wretch I am, this wretch I'll always be?
Why would Jesus give His life for a sinner such as me?

God spoke to my heart in a voice tender and mild,
"All this I have done for you because you are my dear child.
Your sins have been forgiven for Jesus took your place."
On Calvary this was done for me by the Father's grace.

Though I don't deserve it, never have and never will,
I know I have been forgiven because the cross upon the hill.

Author Unknown
Inspiration from Cath's Corner

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