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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finally finished among other things

I've been working on completing my tax information for over a month. Well, I actually didn't work on it for an entire month, just off and on during that time. I hunted up all 2007 invoices, orders, files and paperwork and camped out on the dining room table starting in February.

I spent a day on it then, filing and organizing and figuring my income. Since I have multiple sources, it makes it a bit of a challenge. Then I spent another day, figuring expenses, what I can and can't deduct as a business expense, depreciation on my equipment and such. Some of their terminology I just cannot is totally foreign to me, but hopefully everything is figured correctly.

And finally last night I entered the last bit on the computer and hit the send button!!! Hip, hip, hooray...done for another year! As Dad said last night, "You've been working on that for quite a while."

Yep, it sure seems like it. Now I can file away all my paperwork and have a cleaned up dining room table.

We are having an Easter brunch tomorrow morning at church, so I made a coffee cake this evening for that. And then I made a pound cake since Jena bought strawberries home this week. Jena has to work tomorrow, so it will just be Dad and I that are home. But I'm still going to fix a ham and scallop potatoes for lunch. I ran out of ham in the freezer, so that will leave some for us to eat this week and then I will freeze the rest.

I'm planning to put the ham in the oven and potato casserole in the crock pot before church tomorrow and then it should be ready when we get home. I've been on a hash brown potato recipe kick for the last several weeks. I've been trying out several new recipes involving hash browns, but I think this is the last one for a while. Dad will probably be glad to hear that; it's likely he's getting tired of hash browns! :)

With everything done and ready for tomorrow, I'm sitting here watching the Ten Commandments while answering some email and catching up on most of the blogs that I read regularly.

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