Wings As Eagles: Out with the boots and in with the sandles!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Out with the boots and in with the sandles!

Yesterday I went to Dodge to meet with a couple of clients for dresses I am making for weddings in June and the weather was so warm, very windy, but warm. I was able to wear short sleeves and even got out my sandals to wear.

I store my shoes in shoe boxes at the bottom of my sweater closet. So I had to dig through my boxes looking for my pair of brown sandals, which of course, were in the bottom box, the last one I looked in.

But the great and wonderful thing is that I can put away my boots and winter shoes and get out all my sandals! It's only the middle of March, so I'm sure we will still have some cold weather, but at least sandal-wearing weather is on the way!

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