Wings As Eagles: 6 more days and counting...

Friday, April 25, 2008

6 more days and counting...

I talked to Krissa this morning and she is just about to burst with glee in regards to graduation being so close...only 6 more days! She is finished with Collegian and her last editorial is here if anyone wants to read it. And there is this column she wrote the week before on graduation. So all that's left is finals until Wednesday and then finishing last minute details until graduation Saturday morning.

She had her interview with Southern Living yesterday and she is so excited about *possibly* getting that job! There are 13-15 other applicants applying for the same position, so it's not certain she will get it or not. But as least she said she was thankful for the opportunity to visit and for the experience it provided.

She and her friend Caroline picked up their cap and gown regalia today. Here's a photo she sent us:

We plan to drive 12 or so hours on Thursday, stop for the night and then get into Greenville early Friday afternoon. So this week I was looking into hotel rooms where Dad said he wanted to stop. I was shopping, looking at features, prices, location and such. Found one and told Dad to make sure it was ok with him.

He asked me what features it had and I responded with, "Wireless Internet and...ummmm.....well, I think some other things that we don't really need."

Hi question, "Do they have a continental breakfast?"

My response, "I don't know! I didn't look at that; the bigger question is do they have Internet access or not."

He replied with, "I think I better come take a look and make sure you get the right hotel room."

Who cares if they have breakfast to eat? I'm more concerned with being sure I can connect online! Big surprise, huh?!?! Just to say Dad and I are both happy cause the room we have booked has both! :)

I can't believe it's been almost three years since we took Krissa down to SC. Time does fly by so fast!! Since our first SC trip was before our blogging days, here's a few photos:

watching The Andy Griffith show in the van



Jena always likes to sit in the back so she can sleep!

Krissa explaining to Dad where to go...

tired after one day of traveling...

Krissa on BJU campus

I think I was trying to tell Krissa something
and as usual, she's not listening. :)

making decisions as to what classes to take

the major unpacking job in her dorm

still unpacking..

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  1. oh my those pictures make me laugh!! :) wow, I can't believe that was me three years ago! lol :)


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