Wings As Eagles: Back together again...soon!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Back together again...soon!

The days are being counted until us three girls are back together again! I'm excited!!! :) Krissa has had a really tough semester trying to keep up with her classes and daily actitvities while being editor of the college paper - the Collegian.

And the bad part of being editor of the paper, other than the fact that she's responsible for all the staff and everything in the paper - mistakes included, is that the staff works on the paper at night! Her day only begins at 8 or 9 am with classes and then the newspaper staff begin their work at 11:30 pm and work til 2-4 the next morning.

She is counting the days til graduation. Call her today and she'll tell you it's exactly 27 days! And when she gets home the first 48 hours all she will do is sleep! :)


  1. Oh that's exciting!! Sisters are great! :) (What a cute picture!) Sounds like Jena's had a tough semester!!


  2. I meant Krissa not Jena. Although Maybe Jena had a tough semester too! ;) lol



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