Wings As Eagles: You would think out of all the cords we have...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

You would think out of all the cords we have...

....I would be able to find the one I needed! Nope!

Let me give you a little background info regarding this cord searching process.

You see, sometime my mind operates in two different worlds (1) business and quilting and (2) family and everything else. And while most of the time my mind is flipping back and forth between the two almost constantly, there are occasions that I'm only existing in one world. Big surprise, huh? :) Btw, that was a rhetorical question and doesn't need to be answered!

Like last Thursday night.

I'm vice-president of our local quilt guild and that means a certain amount of responsibility, keeping track of certain things and being responsible for some programs if needed. I was in charge of last month's meeting where we did this neat little thread catcher and volunteered myself to do May's program as well.

Actually I kinda have to do it because we are watching a quilting instructional dvd and I am about the only one in the group who has a computer, projector and speakers. So when our president confirmed with me at the end of our April meeting about our May movie-watching meeting, I said I had everything and we were all set to go.

And then as I was lying in bed that night thinking about next month's meeting, it suddenly dawned on me!!!!

Thursday evening, May 1st, quilt guild meeting.

Krissa's graduation in South Carolina, Saturday, May 3rd.

Trip from Kansas to South Carolina: 2 days. Thursday morning....which, ahem, means I will no longer be in Kansas Thursday evening.

Now, just what was I thinking?!?! Krissa's graduation has been planned for years (seems like it, anyway!) and I had told multiple people who asked me about her that week she was graduating on the 3rd and we were driving Thursday and Friday.

See how my mind was in two directions? The problem is that the directions didn't intersect until that night. Yep, that was most certainly the problem.

So now, in light of all the above information which I am sure you were just dying to find out, I tried hooking up everything using my dvd player instead of my computer for playing the dvd. You see I can let go of my projector and speakers for the guild to use at the May meeting, but not my computer. And I have all the connecting cords to make the computer talk to the projector and the speakers, so that wasn't an issue, but I wasn't sure about the cords with the dvd player.

And since I'm going to let them use my dvd player instead of my computer to hook up to the projector and speakers, I have to have a different cord for the audio speakers to hook into the dvd player. Which I was sure to have since we have so many computer/dvd/vcr/tv cables hanging around our house.

But nope, I just need one more cord. But once I get that, then I think I'm set! I'll do a practice run with everything to be sure all is in working order and then hand it all over to our guild president for the movie-watching adventure!

And as for me that Thursday evening...I'll probably be in the van driving east, with a laptop computer in my lap.

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