Wings As Eagles: The long awaited day has finally arrived!

Saturday, May 3, 2008

The long awaited day has finally arrived!

Saturday, May 3, 2008:

Our trip to South Carolina was a long drive, but totally worth it to see Krissa walk across the stage with that all too important piece of paper that represented four hard years of study! Krissa was literally bouncing off the wall with excitement when we meet her, dressed in her gown regalia Saturday morning. She was so excited to be finally done with school, the late nights, the BJU regulations...everything!

She learned lots, made tons of friends and is so glad she was able to attend BJU for the last three years, but now there is that final relief and accomplishment of being finished.

After the service, Krissa met one last time with all her friends, some of which were graduating and some who weren't for that last final goodbye. She was bouncing from one friend to the next...roommates, Collegian staff and even had a tiny, itty, bitty chance to say "hi" to us. :)

Krissa finished up her goodbyes and we headed back to her dorm to get the remaining stuff out of her room. She had packed most of it in her car, but there were still several boxes to put in the van. After walking up and down three flights of stairs carrying everything down to the van in dress shoes with 2" heels, Jena's and my feet were hurting. But we got her stuff packed up and moved out.

Saturday afternoon, Krissa and Clare headed to the mall to spend some time together for the last time. Dad, Jena and I also headed to the mall to do some shopping! And it was a large mall at that and fun to wonder around. Bigger than what we have back home.

We ate supper with Clare and just love her to pieces!!! She is so sweet! She doesn't have any sisters, so we just kinda adopted her. What's one more girl when there's already three of us...talking, laughing, giggling?? Dad won't notice much difference between three or four girls, will he? ;)

Today was that long awaited day that finally arrived. Krissa is no longer a college student, but a college graduate. Several times throughout today, she just suddenly turned to us with this huge smile of her face and look of relief and said, "I'm finally done, I'm really done."

L-R: me, Clare, Krissa, Jena

Relaxing after a long and fun-filled Saturday



  1. Aww!! It sounds like you guys had a good trip!! The pictures are so cute! You and Jenna look so much alike in that bottom one!


  2. Can certainly tell we're sisters, right?! :)


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