Wings As Eagles: SC trip interruption for some breaking news...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

SC trip interruption for some breaking news...

!!!!!Breaking News!!!!!

I'm interrupting the blogging I've been doing of our trip for this special announcement!!! I've got more of our trip to post in my drafts, just need to finish them, but this happened today and it's....well...pretty exciting! You see there has been some rather thrilling news that happened today, having to do with, "I got the job."

I was working downstairs, getting caught up on things since I'd been gone and all of a sudden heard this screaming upstairs. Krissa is now home, so I knew the source of the sound, but not the reason. :)

It didn't take long and she came downstairs, hardly able to stand still with her face all red from being so excited. And then she yells at me, "I got the job, I can't believe it. I actually got the Southern Living job!"

If I thought she was totally thrilled about graduating last Saturday, let me just tell you that was nothing compared to today! Absolutely nothing! :)

She was so certain she was not going to get that internship at Southern Living Corporation. But she did over the other 15 girls who applied for that same position. She has a 6 month internship with Southern Accents magazine in Birmingham, Alabama. She starts in July and will be there for 6 months before deciding where to go from there.

Needless to say she is floating on air right at the moment and I'm so excited for her. Not too thrilled about her moving to Alabama after already being in SC for three years, but happy for her getting the job she really, really wanted!


  1. YUP...that's pretty much what it was. BREAKING NEWS!

  2. haha, I love you guys!!! Yup, I was pretty excited...and still am!! :)

  3. Wow!!!!! Yay for Krissa!! (That's a bummer she has to move so far away though!)


  4. We're really excited Krissa has this opportunity at the job of her dreams! :)


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