Wings As Eagles: Adventures in Colorado!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Adventures in Colorado!

This past week I spent several days in Colorado with Joanna. Guessing from all the laughing, talking, game playing and movie watching you could say we had a very wonderful, fun time together!

Wednesday, we went hiking at Glen Eyrie and I'm so glad I had my camera or Jena and Krissa would never believe I ACTUALLY climbed over all those rocks up to the waterfall. We even got a little wet, which actually felt good since it was a little warm. Well, let me correct that statement. I got a little wet, but Joanna was pretty much soaked! :)

It was a bit of a challenge climbing from rock to rock, trying not to fall into the water. We even saw a few certain animals along the trail that I could have rather done without such as a lizard, several snakes and lots of spider webs.

Thursday, we went to probably the greatest store in all of Denver - Denver Fabrics. I absolutely love that store! And as usual, some fabric I really did not need, but just could resist buying came home with me. Now if I can just find the time to sew it, instead of letting it sit for several months. :)

More photos are here...

Hmmm...which rocks would be the best to stay out of the water?

Now, which rock would be the best to step on???

This is a good place to sit...

...unless someone splashes you with water! :)

Finally...the waterfall!

Watching the waterfall before climbing back down the rocks...

Those rocks are most certainly not found in Kansas!


  1. We actually got some pictures that are really pretty good.:) They look better here than they did on the little camera screen.:)

  2. You're incredible Joanna! You got Serena to go hiking!! ;)

  3. Jena,
    Well you see, we had to carry her kicking and screaming most of the way and put her down just long enough to get the pictures. Just Kidding.:) I think she actually ejoyed herself aside from the lizard episode.:)

  4. Yes, we (actually your mom and Caren) did get some good pictures. You know they are on your computer and you could look at them on a little larger screen?!?! :)

    Kicking and screaming most of the way?!?! What's up with that?!?! I don't recall THAT part! I did have a good time, but I certainly could have done without the lizard episode! Most definitely!

  5. Looks like you had a good time!!


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