Wings As Eagles: This calls for a celebration!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

This calls for a celebration!

I can hardly believe I'm saying this, but for once in my life (ok, maybe not once, but certainly for several years!) I beat Grandma at the game of Scrabble. And not only did I barely beat her by 11 points, but I was able to stay ahead of her the whole entire time.

I spent last Friday afternoon/evening with Grandma and she loves to play Scrabble. And she is so good at creating words and finding places where to put them in this classic game, that usually she wins by a large margin. A large margin that leaves me far behind. Finally that winning streak has been broken! :)

At least we have a Scrabble dictionary that is very helpful in creating words. There are words in there that I had no clue were even words in the English language. We gave that little book to Grandma for her birthday one year and it has been used so many times during that game! :)

We ate supper at Donna C's and had a fun-filled afternoon and evening. We're planning to get together with Grandma this week before Krissa leaves for Alabama on July 2nd. That is less than two weeks away! The time will fly by fast!

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